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SmartMusic Model Exercises

Used creatively, SmartMusic improves aural skills and sight reading proficiency. 

Click on a title below to view a short video, each of which demonstrates one of the numerous ways to utilize SmartMusic.

By no means are these videos a comprehensive look at SmartMusic's potential.

  • All videos feature SmartMusic exercises that I designed and created in Finale before exporting to SmartMusic.
  • Contact me to share your experiences with SmartMusic, or if you want further information about using my materials or creating your own.

Setting Up SmartMusic to Practice Sight Singing

Feedback SmartMusic provides after Sight Singing

Sight Singing a Canon

Reading in Clefs

1-Back Singing

Echo Sing Melodic Motives

Echo Sing Chord Arpeggios (Harmonic Singing)

To practice Harmonic Singing, click here, here, and here.

Taking Harmonic Dictation "By Ear"