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SmartMusic Model Exercises

Used creatively, SmartMusic improves aural skills and sight reading proficiency. 

Click on a title below to view a short video, each of which demonstrates one of the numerous ways to utilize SmartMusic.

By no means are these videos a comprehensive look at SmartMusic's potential.

  • All videos feature SmartMusic exercises that I designed and created in Finale before exporting to SmartMusic.
  • Contact me to share your experiences with SmartMusic, or if you want further information about using my materials or creating your own.

New SmartMusic: From .musx to MusicXML

New SmartMusic: From Uploading MusicXML to Assigning an Exercise

New SmartMusic: From Completing the Assignment to Viewing the Gradebook

Classic: Setting Up SmartMusic to Practice Sight Singing

Classic: Feedback SmartMusic provides after Sight Singing

Classic: Sight Singing a Canon

Classic: Reading in Clefs

Classic: 1-Back Singing

Classic: Echo Sing Melodic Motives

Classic: Echo Sing Chord Arpeggios (Harmonic Singing)

To practice Harmonic Singing, click here, here, and here.

Classic: Taking Harmonic Dictation "By Ear"