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SmartMusic Model Exercises

Used creatively, SmartMusic improves aural skills and sight reading proficiency. 

Each video below demonstrates an aspect of using SmartMusic to deliver sight singing and aural skills assignments.

SmartMusic, accessible only via the Chrome browser, has been updated since the 2019 videos were made, but not enough to require new videos (yet!).

By no means are these videos a comprehensive look at SmartMusic's potential.

  • The 2020 video features an exercise from The Listen-Sing Method, which is the first collection of aural skills exercises published SmartMusic
  • For an overview of exercises in The Listen-Sing Method, Vol. 1, please view:
  • (skip the introduction and fast forward to about 4:00)
  • The 2019 videos feature SmartMusic exercises that I designed and created in Finale before exporting to SmartMusic.

Classic: Echo Sing Chord Arpeggios (Harmonic Singing)

              To practice Harmonic Singing, click here, here, and here.

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